Old Codgers Ka Ching!!!!!

4th visit to Vegas and 2nd time Ive played the WSOP Seniors Event. After playing in this last year I plan my vist around it to be honest as the game is a joy to play in. Planned to play 4 selected games over 10 days and maybe the odd other game depending on how I did. Ended up playing a $160 game at Caesars with around 140 runners and scraped to the cash.

I then played the Mini Series WSOP game at the Golden Nugget and bust out early in level 4 when flat calling an early decent stacked raiser when holding KK and needing chips for perfect Q high flop to his AQ which he checked and called my shove for the nightmare river Q to boom in. Was shocked to be honest with the Golden Nugget as it was nothing like I expected it to be. Its a really lovely hotel which has obviously had alot of money spent on it and their Mini Series is deffo worth playing made even better by it being played in the Grand Hall there.
Next game I played was the Caesars $330 Deep Stack Series. Played like a total donk to be perfectly honest and bust early when calling a strong raise from stacked player in button to my BB with A 10. Flop came A K 10 and I checked for him to put in a dubious weak bet which I re raised to see where I was yet when he shipped in I still called for him to flip JQ. No help and was gone early doors.

Had no desire for few days then to play any poker and chilled around the pool n stuff and also had to endure a hotel move between deals we had taken with Caesars & Bellagio. Had to book a Friday & Saturday night and the only place on the strip not taking ya eyes out was the classy Imperial Palace!!!! Oh my god Palace is not quite the description I would have for the place.
We endured 2 nights in the dump and never again. The place is old, worn and sadly lacking what Ive experienced in Vegas hotels. Remeinded me of Butlins with worse lifts or should I say "elevators"
Play a small comp in Harrahs which was good fun and a nice cardroom which I was very surprised with. Im sure the Poker stars software was dealing as saw some incredible beats and hands during this proper shove fest game.

Spend a full day railing Mr Entertainment in his $1500 Event and was a real pleasure although very very tiring. Bit pissed off as after 5 hours basically on his shoulder due to his table location the powers to be decide to re rope the aisle and we cant get anywhere near him. Totally spoilt it but he did absolutely brilliant finishing just under the 500 mark from around 2700 runners with very few cards on a very tough table.

Next up was my main event of the WSOP Seniors. To be able to play in this you need to be 50 n over so well in there now.

1st amazing thing was walking to my table on day 1 and as I near it see Full Tilts old man George standing there with his England top on. Same table incredible!!!!
Playing 46 off and taking big pot down was classic moment I loved. old codgers face as I flipped it over will never be forgotten.
1st aim was to better last year which I went out 10 mins before the dinner break so was gutted when lost last hand before break priced in on BB with K7 hts coming back with only 1200 chips. An hour later Im on 20k with J 10 being my hand that got paid time after time.
Finished day on 25700 which was above average then 1st hand of day 2 Im BB and on a table with only 1 big stack. Guy on 14k makes standard raise mid position and Im sitting with 10 10. Decide to ship as I dont think hes calling with big Ace early stages for his tournie life but he snap calls flipping JJ and they hold. After table move Im on a very very tough table with some excellent players but hit a run of cards that gets me peaked at 46k.. Cruise the money and thats an experience in itself as a few hundred old codgers try to scrape there with loads of people sitting on 1, 2, & 3 BBs. The cheer as they announce " Youve made the money" and loads stand up cheering n clapping is amazing.
They drop like flys then and its when ya need ya cards which tbh I simply didnt get. Only had one major decision to make after that which was guy making big raise from 2nd pos who could deffo play and Im sitting with him covered 60/40 with AK. Put him on 10 10 JJ and decided not to race with him.
Level after dinner break was the killer as went completely card dead with high blinds n 500 ante. Didnt want to go as low as 5BBs tbh but wanted to make top 100 as well and when that broke found A4 hts utg and decided that was good enough but got looked up by AQ and no miracle 4 although turn did bring me a gutshot hope.
Finished in 97th place from over 2700 runners and picked up my 1st WSOP cash for $2734
Special mention for those out there with us as Mr & Mrs Entertainment were superb company and fun to be with and Juicey Oranges for his ever calming words of wisdom and support. Thanks to my Mrs for her lucky kisses from the rail Thanks to my big pal Cardguard Kid in getting the info across back to the forum and thanks to my 2 kids who sent me some lovely e mails and said some lovely things I didnt really expect.

Finally a big big congratulations to the winner Michael Davis. He was briefly on my day 1 table then on day 2 when I was moved table early on I was sat with him to my right all day. The guy had his moments but overall he played his hands very big and strong having no hesitation is shipping it in big and throughout the game played like a perfect gentleman and was excellent company. On checking his stats his past record is abolutely awesome. Well done mate and hope to be able to bump into him again next year and shake his hand for his success.

Got some sureal few things that happened during the holiday Ill blog next few days and a classic moment Ill explain when I bumped into Phil Ivey


Amatay said...

Congrats on cashing mate

Ridla said...

Well played DC, destined for the bracelet next year