Saturday 20th June 2009 WSOP Event 39 will be a day I will never forget for the rest of my life until you enter that poker arena in person words will never be able to explain the emotions you go through absolutely awesome.

As we walked the lobby down to the Amazon room my nerves were on edge and I’m not ashamed to say I was shitting myself going into the biggest game of my life in the world’s most famous poker room with a bracelet winner two seats to my left ,

It took two levels for me to calm down and get comfortable with my surroundings then disaster struck as I look down in late position at QQ I raise to 725 on a 75 -150 blind three limpers fold round to bb who calls, flop come 778 and I think I’m good as he checks then flats my 500 bet, turn brings a four and I bet 1500 he tanks then shoves I call and he flips over 7 8 off???? FFS I’m numb as I dump 2/3 of my stack.

I walk away from table to get myself off tilt and calm down, returning saying to my self ok then we have some work to do, I get through another level and make the break.

Sit back down after 20 min Break and I look down at QQ again thinking ok I’m shoving with this when bang utg raises 800 followed by a reraise to 1600…. FUCK for the 1st time in my poker life I don’t know what to do the reraise has me covered and its tourney life time I tank for must be 6 – 7 minutes no clock was called I think back to what a friend said “ if in doubt shove !!” I look to the rail at Teamdobb Mrs E who have no idea what I have I eventually fold and reraiser said he had AK table then say how can you pass ??? I reply bad feeling with QQ after beat earlier.

My opinion it was the right decision as I got my chips in five times during the course of the day and evening every time with the best hand however could never get passed 4.5k until last hand before the break when on bb 300 – 600 its folded to sb who flats and I have 4c 6 c flop comes 3d 5d js sb bets 600 I call and bingo 7d on turn sb checks and I shove for a snap call who flips over top pr and flush draw straight stands and for the 1st time I have 11k.

Return from break and after a couple of laps I look down on sb at KK seat one shoves for 7k and I call he flips over A 10 AND YES FLOPS THE ACE fucked again 4k left and button brings AC2C folded to the button so I shove it in and bb wakes up with 44 and its over !!!!!!!!!!!.

Have to say it was without doubt the best poker game I have ever had the privilege to play made a whole lot better as our moderator along with MRS E was there till the end RAILED ME FOUR 12 HOURS on their holiday THANKS YOU VERY MUCH also Sandra and Pete your support was incredible

So that was it over in 12 hours and what an experience think I might have another go next year ......


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glad you enjoyed it m8 shame your hands couldnt stand up tho :(