HI Dobba watchers and greetings from the Big Apple,
Well what can I say very sad to be leaving New York as we have had an amazing time,
Trip Kicked off with Mrs E doing her impression of pope john paul as she kissed the carpet at JFK after falling face first down the escalator. weather hasnt been great in new york overcast and rain however that didnt dampen the spirits and no serious injuries to the wife, three days non stop walking and subway trains as we tried to fit all the sites in,
Picture is me on times sqaure with a huge grin as that is all ive done since we arrived absolutely fabulous place to be.
Saturday check out and head for the airport for leg two of the trip and San Diego arrive in plenty of time to check in and this is where the fun starts. We wait in a que for about 25 minutes to check in when the obnoxous prick at the desk says "YOU CAN`T CHECK IN WITHOUT A BOARDING PASS " so I said no mate we need a boarding pass from you thats how it works in the rest of the civilised world !.
he comes back and says no you have to get your boarding passes from a machine with a touch screen
, so we fuck on with this screen that wants to know the far end of a fart and my zip code ????? we stick in our post code and the machine crashes FFS.
Finaly get it sorted back to the desk we go to be informed that its $15 per case in the hold and Mrs E`s case is 7 kg over weight and thats another $90 ( yeah that`l be right )
so we rearange and re pack and weigh the cases on a seprate scale 51 kg and 49kg ( that will do im thinking ) go back to the arsehole and he weighs the cases 47kg and 49kg FUCKING CON!!! as we have only readjusted the cases and havn`t removed anything, so we get sorted and off to the gate we go flight due to leave at 5.20 pm, 5pm comes and we are on a bus on the way to the aircraft i`m thinking no way are getting off the ground at 5.20pm( RIGHT AGAIN) as we are 17th in line to take off from JFK and sit on the tarmac until 7,10pm so arrive in Cincinatti 10 minutes late for the conection to San Diego and we are fucked as thats it until tomorrow so for the sake of 10 lousy minutes Delta Airlines had to put up 27 people in the Sheraton Hotel (how much did that cost ???).
San siego blog to come followed by my WSOP blog


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Nice one m8 am jealous as fook

Betfair Poker Guy said...

Sounds like nobody at NPF has any luck when it comes to straight forward travelling!

online said...

Jimmy you dont have to jealous as fook as i think it's realy very good town.
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mag1892 said...

looks like your having a great time m8 , cu soon.

the card guard kid said...

wow how gay do ya look in that picture - shut that door lolololol