Not long now

Hi dobba watchers,
Well not long now to the jollies 3 more sleeps, but what a week. Its been my oldest grandaughters first Holy Communion so the preparation has been going on for a couple of weeks with Mrs Entertainment organising venue / decorations /buffet/ cakes/ disco /clowns and face painters,
Now you Know me anything for an easy life but FFS how many people are going ???????????.Friday night and im at the venue setting up the disco and helping inflate hundreds of balloons ( why?) kids pop them on contact, pissed adults suck out the helium and try to sound like Jim Davidson and younger kids fight over them.Anyway leave the venue and head home so Mrs E can now spend the rest of the night and most of the early hours preparing ... pies /sarnies/cakes/wraps/stuffed eggs/sausage rolls/various pies and quiche/seafood platters/fresh fruitplatters/ AND A SEPERATE BUFFET FOR THE KIDS WITH SWEETS /CAKES/ SARNIES basicaly enough food to feed every member of the human race residing in the North of England.Its when we arrive home I get the question "whats the matter with your face?" I respond "HOW MANY ARE GOING ?"The answer 250..I say you may have just gone a little over the top to which I get your a grumpy old twat (ok I,l take that but me thinks too much bait but we will see)
Saturday and the car is loaded with the seafood platters ect and its off to church (CATHOLIC)now anyone who isnt a catholic (me included) needs to know you get your monies worth here two hours singing and wailing .... but the best bit was Mrs E being ushered to the front row with her daddy right in front of the preist so you will have to sing !!!!! as hes watching you lolol so after the service and photos its off to the party venue and await the 250 ?
7 tressel tables await the hungry laden with food cakes and sweets theres stuff in the venues fridges to reload the tables absolutely mountains of the stuff and how many turn up ???????????????????????? NOT TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY ...............So im in the bad books for saying better take plenty of binbags (what a fookin waste)and the car fookin stinks of sea food ...............................

Poker front played Aspers Thursday game £30 freezout and like this game 70 odd runners and get down to final 15 with 45k in chips when short stack utg shoves preflop for 8.5k I look down at 99 so decide to call thinking dont like my position and can get away from a reraise should any one shove over me any way folds round to sb who calls and bb folds. Flop comes 957 rainbow and I think wow cha ching sb checks so do I and turn brings a 6 sb bets half his stack 10k and I think wtf ? I reraise him all in and he insta calls showing q 8 off he actualy called the original all in with q 8 off .So Im down to 20k and I think come on you can recover. Next hand I get AQ and shove taking the limpers and the blinds. The very next hand I get the same again AQ and shove to find QQ waiting for me flop comes QA5 and no further improvement and Im gone in 14th.Still enjoyed the game and the crack was canny with Chipmunk feeding his face as always

OFF TO NEW YORK / SAN DIEGO /AND VEGAS and having a crack at the $1500 bracelet event in the WSOP so keep an eye as I will be blogging updates from the usa ..