Day I met Phil Ivey!!

OK heres a few sureal things that happened to me during the WSOP 2009

Ya close up alot the time with alot of famous Poker players ya see on TV etc when attending the WSOP but sometimes ya get yaself in funny situations ya dont really think twice about when it happens until later on. Heres a few of mine from this years WSOP.

During a break whilst watching Mr Entertainment in the $1500 NL its a big rush to the " rest rooms " ( the bogs in Geordie lingo ) and off I goes to join the slow moving winding queue. As we shuffle along into the bogs Im constantly feeling this nudge nudge nudge and something hitting against my heel. Turning to have a look and possibly say watch wot ya doing mate Im amazed and gobsmacked to see no other than DOYLE BRUNSON is the person behind me and the nudging culprit!!!

Next strange experience was on another break and toilet visit during the Seniors Event. Im at my urinal staring at the wall with various stuff going through my head when the guy to my left is speaking across me to the guy on my right. Fkn hell I think I deffo recognise that voice and look to my left.

Its no other than " Shuffle up n Deal Mike Sexton " and hes chatting away across me and as I then look to my right its only Jesus Ferguson Cowboy hat n all!!!! p.s. didnt look at who had the biggest cock by the way!!! Washing my hands after this and no other than John Juanda was directly next to me. Some piss that was I tell ya

Finally the strangest experience of them all. After finishing the 1st day of the Seniors and in reasonably good shape 5 of us decide to have a few drinks and end up back at our hotel The Bellagio and prop up the bar near to the Poker Room. My Mrs followed by Mr & Mrs Entertainment eventually make their ways up to bed leaving me & Juicey Oranges propping up the bar. Its nearly 5.30 before we call it a night and I make my way to bed. After too many pints of Guiness my brain isnt exactly working very well and as I make my way to bed I realise that although I know Im deffo on the 19th floor I cant fkn remember for sure what my room number is. As I stumble along the corrider hopefully trying to recognise my room unfortunately hundreds of room doors all look the same so return back along the corridor thinking what to do. At the end theres a small table and chair located near the lift so decide the best thing to do is call reception. Im sat there at this table and connect to reception informing the girl rather embarassed that I cant remember my room number and can she help me. She then goes through a range of security questions with me and as shes doing this the lift door opposite me opens. Im gobsmacked as out of the lift walks Phil Ivey. Hes dressed in his famous Grey Hoody with earphones round his neck, Full Tilt cap on and busy doing something on his I phone. Fuck it I think and say out loud " Alreet Phil ?" Nods and says Yea are you? "Will be when they find out what my room number is" I reply. He smiles then opens the door of his suite directly beside the lift at the end of our corridor. So sureal so sureal.

p.s. Eventually the girl gave me my room number and 5.45am I was tucked up in bed in room 19184. ( Iveys was 19*** )


Amatay said...

haha, gd post fish

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

lol u should have crowned doyle and pissed on fergies shoes

the card guard kid said...

who had the bigger cock sexton or jesus???

rakeback said...

I was out in Vegas during the 2007 WSOP. It was cool watching all the big stars walk by.