One to Vegas- chop chop

Played more than usual in the week before I leave for Vegas.

Saturday: Play the Aspers £100 game which gets an awful turnout and although its supposed to be 2 days this certainly wont last that. Double chance with 2 x 7500 stacks and great start when I lose my 1st stack 3rd hand. Make up the blinds with KJ and the flop gives me an up & down and call weak bet to 3 way pot. Turn gives me the nuts but 2 spades and 2 club board so when my bet is raised I decide to ship in and after tanking for a while get called from the re raiser but also by the other guy as well. Re raising guy tables A 10 so he obviously cant read a board as I may as well of turned my cards over for him and the other guy has KcJc which is not what I want to see. River pops the 10c out and Im 3rd and great start eh!!!!
Really worked against me as if Id taken this pot down id of been very active and tbh was hitting crazy flops with huge variety of hands but had to be more choosy in when I entered. Work my stack up then call a decent raise with AJ in my BB. Flop the Ace but allow the raiser to take control of the pot and he fires on the flop and we both check the turn. Innocent looking 7 on the river but I check and he shoves all in. Ive seen this guy do this moves loads of times with air and I say to him I really can only put you on 2 hands and only hand ya beating me with is 77. I eventually call leaving me 5/6k behind and he tables 77 for the rivered set!!!!!!!
Next hand I pick up KK and folded to me in the sb I limp to try and double back. Low flop and guy calls my bet. I shove on the turn and guy tells me hes got an up n down so I plead with him to double me up. he eventually calls and hits his 4 on the river to make his straight. Not the best poker Ive played but certainly the small field for such a game didnt fill me with much excitement. cant see this game being played again and I think there changing this game now to a £75 F/O with 10k stack and 45 min clock over ONE day from next month.

Tuesday Night: Its the Circus once per month £500 added tournie which is so popular and although the structure is pretty poor tbh and later stages become a real shove fest and late finish the good pot is what attracts everyone. Over 100 runners virtually guaranteed and for £50 ya getting on average a £7k pot.
Not alot to write home about really except at least I really enjoyed the night. Got a great table, well especially my end of it and was sat between John Maddison and James Browning who obviously know each other very well and Maddisons crack especially was top drawer and kept be amused most of the night which was needed as I was dealt pure shite hand after hand.
Just after break small stack shoves for 5k ish and I pick up my best hand all night with AK in late position and make the call. He flips 10 10 and although 1st card out is K the following one is 10 and Im now the low stack.
Shove pinch twice and then double up when my 44 holds v A9 call. 2 new players added to table when I get my best hand of the night with 10 10 in the cut off and shove in on the newly sitted BB. Snap call and hes woke up with KK and its night night from me.

Friday Night: Grosvenor and their new game. Its only a £20 Double Chance Freezeout but what value.
Pre-reg for it before the Friday and you qualify for a 2 course meal to be taken on that Friday night in the restaurant from their special menu.
Pick up a stamp card and get 4 stamps from 8 weeks and get watch which is supposed to be decent.
Finally if the game gets a minimum of 50 runners then they guarantee a pot of £2000

Arrive at 6.30 to meet Stumpy and have the free meal which takes us up nice to KO. Place is busy although bit chaotic with computor down although game does get off to reasonably on time. 97 runners so their added money aint ganna be much and reg fees cover it. Get great table tbh with S2C dealing so no waiting around there and also Ridla & Gaz Walker make up some crack to be had.
I decided straight away I was going to play alot of early pots n try to get some quick chips and took down a few early pots with JJ and a nice flopped house after raising in with Ad4d. THEN IT ALL WENT WRONG!!!!
Play 4s6s mid position and flop gutshot with one spade onboard. Turn brings me up n down with flush draw and still have one hanging in with me. River blanks me and I shove my chips in with 6 high. Ooooops wrong decision as I get snapped off with guy hitting runner runner for the nuts!!!!
Not long after with my 2nd stack I play 5c8c early pos to 3 way and flop comes 2c5d7c. I bet twice the pot and Ridla questions this saying "Im tempted to shove" Get em in I tell him Im ahead anyway. He ships in and I honour the call as he flips Qc4c and proves hes a worse fish than me!!!!

Jack clubs booms down on the turn and Im gone. N.b. Ridla the salmon went on to chop it 2 ways at 5.00 the next morning so chips went to very good use. N1 Ridla

Drive over to Circus for their £15/£15 which lets you reg in till 10.30 and after nice start and doubling my stack at break then go really card shy and lose touch abit with stacks. Double up puts me back in game but after calling single raise to my BB and hitting 2nd pair I play too weak and let initial raiser hit his set with A7 on the river and this causes me the damage not needed at vital time.
I eventually bust out 13th after losing flip and decide Im only ganna play one more game before heading out for Vegas. I miss the new Saturday £75 game at Circus as tbh I simply could not be arsed prefering to watch the racing on TV and finish up over £200 in profit made up with nice £50 on the Derby winner.

Last game Im going to play live now is the Friday night game before I fly. Ive done this last 2 years as try to play and stay up as late as possible in order to go straight home, collect suitcases and the Mrs and head for the airport. Totally knackered I sleep through the flight and wake up in new time zone in sunny Nevada.
Year before last I chopped with fellow Dobba Mr Entertainment and then last year I said to Mr Cardguard at break " Would be funny if we chopped this as had chopped year before with Foggo" ME n CARDGUARD ENDED UP CHOPPING. Fellow Dobbas-get yaself out next Friday if ya want a share of the pot!!!!!