when will it end

The pain continues after my points bubble at apat i play the £50 game at circus and after knocking mrs stumpy out to put me in the badbooks when i picked up kk twice versus her 99 and aq.theres 13 left when i reship jj and im versus ak and aq out when flop is kk.This is followed by bubbling the g £30 f/o when 3 shortys dupped and i miss out.The next night ive got a bigstack and theres 17 left and have to call a shortys ship then i reship with 99 and run into qq out again.

Next game i get it allin on a flop of j104 v aj and kq and turn is a jack goodnite me.Then at circus thers 13 left and george lawson ships kc8c in the sb and i look down at 2 ks weeeee surely i cant lose this one?Yup he hits flush.then the next night i get to the final table of the superstack on full tilt when there is 7 left blinds 12k -24k utg raises to 55k and gets 3 callers!! I have asqs in the sb and ship 330k all fold to last man and he calls with a9 and hits the 9 on the turn and im out for $450 ish.

Headed down to dtd for the ukipt hoping my luck would turn had some really good players on my 1st table julien thew being the best known have to say what a gent at the table .I lose about 4k then get upto 21k from ss of 15 when im moved tables to prolly the softest table you will get to sit on in one of these event and i chip up to 50k when the av is 30k without been allin once until 3 levels left and every raise i make i get shipped on and have to fold and im down to 29k when i hit top pair on a flop of aj2 and my bet gets shipped on and i make the call with a 10 and he has the fd and hits the flush on the river.

Next day play the £50 game at circus playing well and picking up chips until i 3bet to 6k with qq and villain flats leaving himself 4k behind lol flop 8910 and he ships the 4k and i call he has 77 yup turn 6 and i hit the road again after i ship my last 3k in with atc.Move on upto the g and get it allin with 1010 v shortys kk and bs aj for decent side pot bigstack hits jj and yup im out again move onto the cash table and tbh was feeling the worst ive ever felt in poker since i started playing the game but made £90 on the 25p/50p game to make me feel a little better NOT haha.Good job dave "cameltoe" atkinson has had a couple of good results as whenever we play in the same game we take 25% in each other so got back a £190 from dave wpwp.

Keep on smiling stumpy


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

wow your running bad m8,its all going to change this saturday at the team game tho BOOM!! your the reigning champ