FML Ukipt!!!!

Head down to Notts DTD for the Poker Stars UKIPT leg with fellow dobbas Stumpy, Xenocode and KQ4Eva. Get stuck in bad traffic then take wrong turn off in Notts n arrive 30 mins late.
Settle in to table pretty quick and pleased its quite a relaxed n verbal table with couple of real characters on it. Only face I recognised was Hit Squader Karl Marenholtz who bust out pretty quick with 2nd pair flush draw K9ss
Get to 17k and guy raises with me holding QQ and my 3 bet gives me the info he aint folding as he 4 bets back so Im forced to fold and soon drop to less than 9k left. I eventually get in afew pots with same guy and I re raise with QQ to be called. Flop of Q9J and I lead out for him to re raise me all in flipping Ace 10 but I hold. Couple of good squeezes and my stack is becoming more healthy but table dynamics are starting to change as players bust out and some well know players arrive at the table with big stacks.
Biggest hand for myslef comes when guy I had alot of action with raises into me holding KK and my 3 bet is faced with him shipping in having me covered by about 10k. He flips AA but the lovely dealer kindly turns the K I need and Im back above avg again. Finish day1 on just short of 39k which gives me not much room to find a dup hand for day 2.
We travel back as hate staying away these days and at least have a full day to recover from the 11 x 1 hour gruelling day finishing well after 1.00am

Go back on day 2 with fellow Dobba Andy "KQ4Eva" Blair and get really good table tbh as stacks are all between 30k and 65k apart from one Mr Dave Colclough on my left who was sitting chip leader and proceeded to virtually open every pot as expected. Best hands I see are 910cc and KJ on the button and down to 27k on my BB 1k/2k 400 ante I shove to Colclough 5200 raise holding JQss. He has a small tank before calling with K9dd. Rainbow flop but Jd puits me ahead only for river 5d to give Dave the flush. Good night and bust out 187.

Stay and rail fellow Dobba KQ4EVA who eventually busts 57th after playing great poker with very few cards. We grab summit to eat and then stop in at Nandos to say good luck to Gaz Papa Walker the last NPF member standing and team captain of Walkers Sensations who was still in and sitting very healthy. Seeking to make back to back final tables in this event would simply be an amazing achievement

Get back and follow Gaz on the forum as he keeps us all well informed via his mobiles and messages back to the NPF.

NPF is going crazy with huge rail and UKIPT thread is getting biggest hits ever as Gaz Walker gets deeper and deeper. 9, 8 7, 6, 5, 4 and the biggest payday of his poker playing creeps closer n closer

OMG late into Tuesday morning and 3 handed Gaz is faced with AA of Brett Angel with KQ. Nee probs for Gaz as he flops a Queen and makes his 2 outer on the river. Can he do it and what makes it so amazing is a piss take thread we had at NPF about Italians and we comically banned Dobba Cowhead 24 hours for a racist remark as he stated he hated Italians. The replies were classic as alot of people took it as serious so imagine if Gaz gets heads up with an Italian. So ironic.

Italian heads up is not to be as Gaz takes him out in 3rd place so its an NPF 1, 2 as he takes on Teesider & NPF member Brett Angel who was the last guy I spoke to as I left DTD and a cracking lad with it as well.

The heads up swung from one way to another until eventually they have made a deal Gaz took 90k Brett took 80k and they played on for the rest and title. Eventually Gaz takes it down and it seemed the whole of the NPF wentr crazy

Well done NPF legend Mr Gaz Papa Sensation Skipper Walker

So how do I run so bad you may ask???

bust out to runner runner flush

dont swop 10% with Andy Blair by forgetting to mention it by mistake

enter £100 satellite for the £1500 high roller but end up on alternate list and dont get game

Me & Milo enter a £150 one hand ten seater satellite for seat to high roller event and decide to split 50% if either of us win it. We both have a King on a K high flop and get rivered by guy with 89 for 2 pair

play cash and call raise with AQcc to gob shite Welsh guy who wants to own the table and total pain in the arse. Flop comes Jc 10c 3h and I re raise his £40 bet all in for £150 n miss


omg and fml

keep enjoying it and roll on Saturday for the Cardguard Cup Teamgame as we go into battle with a no doubt very drunk and loud Walkers Sensations team. Bring it on!!!!!


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Bit sick you didnt take the 10% David as you normally would,never mind ask Gaz nicely to wear the NPF polo tops for his glossy pictures thats worth more than any £££'s

stumpy said...

win this saturday no probs