Team crush the CGK Cup

Saturday saw the lads of Teamdobb at the G casino Newcastle for the anual Cardguard Kid Cup Team competition up against another 14 teams of 10 players from around the North East. Basically at full strength with the exception of Mr Entertainment who was working & Phlmc who didnt think he would be available and then became available at the last minute but obviously the team of 10 had already been confirmed then.

Great tournie this with the majority of the field made up from the NPF and alot play with the full intention of having a fun day and getting totally smashed.

Instructions to Cowhead are plain and simple before the off " Get ya finger out, nit up and score some fkn points" and advice to inform KQ4Eva is play tight and go deep mate into the points. No point in giving advice to Fatfish as he was off his head with the drink already and the rest of the squad simply know the crack in team games and dont need being told anything.

Get great table and the banter flows from the start and Im very comfy adding slow but steady to my stack. On the drink early doors and before too long we are nearing the 40 players left where the points come into force.

Advice to Cowhead is of no use as he busts out 1st being vul tbh as he gets 2 coolers AA v KK and is followed by Can Only Get Better who doesnt live up to his name. Cardguard and Jimmy Chipmunk bust before the points leaving 6 of us still in as we go into the points and we had the most players left from all the teams with only 2 real dangers to us. One of them is The Mis Fits who were lead by Dobba regular Phlmc and the other is Team Circus.

Phlmc takes Xenocode out QQ v 10 10 and then takes Mag1892 out hitting his Ace with mags holding KK. This continued when KQ4Eva is brought to my table and soon joined by Phlmc who has a big stack now at the late stages of the game. The curse of KK continues as KQ4Eva shoves over Phlmc raise to get a call and Andys KK is no good to the river Ace of AQ from Phil.

3 left and last 15 players and we have the competition totally sewn up now as I bust after simply laddering the points and letting my stack get to low which leaves Stumpy & Fatfish left in.

Get awful situation where Stumpy ships AJ only for a very pissed Fatfish who had less chips wake up to find AA in his hand. He actually makes the call in fairness to the tourney and cripples Stumpy but then a triple up puts Stumpy back in the game but he finally busts on final table bubble when he shoves 88 and the huge stack of BB Stevie Sensation calls with Q4ss. 4 on the flop finds another 4 on the river and Stumpys run bad continues.

fatfish goes to final tabl;e and busts in 8th but the Dobbas cruise to the winners podium 25 points clear of the 2nd placed team. Ironic as well as Phil "PHLMC" McNally wins the overall event to prove simply what a strong squad we have here at the Dobbas

Great day, great fun, great people and superbly ran & organised by Cardguard Kid and the staff at the G who simply do everything then can to accomodate us and let us do basically what we want which you cant say many other Casinos would do.

Roll on the next do of the NPF birthday & awards which should be taking place 2nd week in April we think

Keep enjoying it T.D.