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Alreet Stumpy here,

Mrs stumpy and I set off to Bolton on Friday by train easy journey and get there by 4.30 settle into hotel then set off to g casino bolton have a bite to eat and then enter the £20£20£20 tourney which gets 91 runners and a 4k plus prizepool.We take our seats and im in the next seat to the mrs lol.I lose my 1st stack 5k when i flop bottom pair and nut flush draw and miss, then i hit fh with 64 and get dup 2 hands later flat c/o raise with a10 and flop 2 pair and river house and get another stack.Take addon and i have 17k at the break get moved tables soon after and cant win a hand down to 8k when iin bb with j6 3 limpers and flop comes 632 so ship it in and im called by fd and he misses another table move and i pinch a few blinds and im on about 18k when old guy utg limps 2 more limp in and i ch qd 8c, flop is 8 high 2ds i bet 5k into it and old guy flats now im not sure if i want a diamond or not but the turn is another low d so i ch to see what he will do and he quickly chs behind turn is a blank and i shove for 12k and he tank calls with j10 of ds weeee another move and down to 2 tables still havent had a premium hand all night until i pick up kk and ship 12bbs and im called by kq and dup then 2 hands later guy ships about 12bbs and i have qq v 66 now im upto 87k when its the ft.Ft going well pinch the blinds and antes and get upto 120k when i pick up jj and raise to 25k blinds 5k 10k and the worst player on the table reships for 75k make the call and he has kk lose and eventually ship 35k with q10 and bb hits with his 74 and im out in 7th place for £165.We head back to the hotel at 4.30am and get some well needed sleep.

Next day teamdobb and scott pick us up and we meet up with the rest of the team and im pretty confident we can get a top 3 spot with the players we have.teamdobb checks out the table draw and gives me the bad news im on really tough table and how right he was after about 10 mins realised there was no easy chips on the table on the bright side had metz from hetton poker in the seat next to me and that passed the time well as hes a really nice lad and very good crack

so the key hands of the day

1,jj on the bttn flat mid pos raise flop ak rag give it up

2,qq flat same raiser as before flop aaj chch turn q he bets 400 i call river 2 he bets 1200 i make it 3k he insta mucks

3,utg raises seat 3 flats i flat ak from the buttn flop aa9 2 spades utg leads seat 3 flats i rerase as utg is deffo a player who likes to makes moves and hopefully seat 3 has an a and ends up getting the lot in.utg makes it 5.3k and seat 3 shakes his head in disgust now i know its him with the other ace only got 5k behind so just ship it in and utg insta mucks upto 15k from ss of 10k

4,utg raises to 250 i make it 750 from the button with aa he calls flop 10 4 2 i bet 3/4 of pot he calls turn 7 i bet 3/4 of pot and he min raises me now when i hit a set this is how i would usually play it but for some reason had him on kk from the start so made a mistake of flatting the minraise should of just folded here tbh and he ships the river ob and i fold down to 8.5k

5,utg raise 99 2 callers and get ch raised on flop of k73 fold.

6,99 utg raise and get called off same oppo as aa hand flop is 10d 5d 2c and decide to take a chance and ch call him to get a dup as im 100% think im ahead turn is 5s and i ch call his turn bet

and the perfect river is the 9d and i bet 2k and he puts me allin for 4k more my fh beating his ad

i was ahead all the way but ob perfect rvr card to get full dup.

7.table move and after been on my 1st table this was probably the complete opposite when i get 5 callers when i raise with acqc flop is a nice looking q53 i cbet and get 1 caller turn 5 and i ch call his bet river is a king and goes chch he tables qj and realise this is a totally diff table to the 1st 1

8,raise with aa after raising from same pos 3 times button flats and flop is q93 2 hearts i cbet 1600 and he ships allin for 12k i make the call expecting fd but he tables k10 for gutshot turn is a k but rvr ace and im now on 35k av 14k

9,raise j10 3 bet fold

10,flat call co rase with 99 flop j 10 3 fold to cbet this was mistake as this was an easy 3bet down to 28k when shud of been 35k

11,moved tables and im sat 2 after eventual winner who has a bigstack and is raising most times when passed to him so just waited for a hand to ship over the top of him to pick up an easy 9k this happens when he raises and i pick up ak and ship allin only for the bb to snap ship behind me and its the points bubble fml raiser folds and bb has jj flop j103 and im dead to a q i hit my k on the river and im totally gutted as i realise this is going to make it very hard for is to win with just 3 left in but after 2 minutes soon realise there was nothing else i could of done as i was waiting for this spot and i was just ul for the bb to wake up with jj and also lose the race.

Really happy with the way i played and was cruising most of the day making only 2 small mistakes which didnt cost me to much, but this just sums up how im running at the mo.At the crucial times im losing the races or getting badbeats but thats poker.

Had a great weekend and have to say all those who were down in Bolton from the NPF were good crack and lovely people just a shame we didnt finish in the top 3 which i think our play deserved.

well played to mark trett for finishing 3rd overall and playing some great poker, another awesome result wpwp.

end of month review

live mtts - £8.50p

live cash + £375

online mtts -$2295

online sngos -$283

horses +$400

Still on the worst run ive ever had online and just hope it ends soon

keep on smiling stumpy


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