2 weeks in and feeling good

Quick update on the last 2 weeks.

Weigh in on 2nd week and Im still exactly the same weight but feel totally different. My aim was to change my eating habits etc and to lead a more healthy lifestyle more so than being on a huge weight loss diet and up to now its going great.

Im having a good solid nights sleep and not sure if its the change in food Im eating but do also seem to be sleeping better. Never missed a good solid start to the day which consists of scrammbled eggs , fruit etc and a balanced diet with real meals each day and snacks of fruit if feeling peckish. The numerous cups of tea & coffee at work have stopped completely being replaced by a 2 litre bottle of water but I allow myself a cup of tea around 10.00pm

My exercise is being followed through with squat work and squats with weights supervised by my PT Scott. I normally follow the squat session with a jog around the block and this is simply getting easier and easier although still need muscle build on my legs for sure as thats where I feel the most ache. 1st thing in morning and last thing at night I also take the dog for his walk around the block.

Downside is the weather and keeping motivated but up to now the motivation side has been fine considering and by the time the decednt weather is here I should be in decent shape I hope so able to enjoy it more.

Poker wise has been very limited to be honest but the odd game Ive played locally I have at least enjoyed. Played the Friday night £500 added at G Casino busting a couple of tables out and then played bit of cash for a small profit. Finally left table which had been good banter when 3 obvious mates all sitting in a line played this hand. Young lad who had hardly played a hand raises to £4, his mate on his right folds and his other mate next to him makes it £8. All fold back to raiser who goes into big dramtic speech play asking his mate if hes got AA. Tell me if ya got AA hes saying, ya must have AA. Eventually my mate says to him ffks pal its only another £4 call or fkn fold. Lad eventually calls and they both see a flop of J84. Check check to turn of 7 check check and river of 4 sees then both check check again.
Surprise surprise and KK v QQ is shown!!!!! After telling them what a load of crap that was I gather my chips n leave about £80 up.

Weekend sees me & Scott off down to Bolton for the weekend and the APAT Team Challenge with the NPF. Great squad we had and I had high hopes we could take it down.
Aim is to get at least 4 players into the points of last 50 players from the 200 runners and we fall just short when Stumpy goes out on the bubble very unlucky when we have 4 left AK v JJ that hits his K but oppo had hit Jack on flop when AIPF. So go into day 2 with 3 myself, Jimmy Chipmunk & Mark trett still in and 32 players left. Good shape cos no other team has more than 3 players and only 4 teams in contention to win it with us obv being one of them.
My intention going back was to simply ladder the points for the team unless I picked up some monsters and Im sure Chipmunk had the same idea as we had Mark Trett in great shape and he was crushing the field tbh. I then pick up my 1st decent hand of 99 to see an early raise from early pos to which for some reason I ship in when its obv the guy wont fold especially stack size related. He calls and flips 10 10 and Im gone in 31st. Chipmunk grinds it to just short of final table and Tretty is hoovering up chips all over and goes to final table clear chip leader. As the final table and placings were it works out we cant win due to one of the teams having players still in better shape but we did have chance of 2nd depending where they finished and looked good for at least 3rd if Mark could out finish the guy from Blackbelt. Unfortunately Mark goes out in 3rd and guy from Blackbelt wins it meaning we finish a gutting 4th place.
Great performance by all the team and a great weekend but so so disappointing for all the effort put in to come away with nowt.

Final game Ive played saw me take in the 1st of the month £1000 added at Circus and in the nearly finished refurbed cardroom a disappointing field of less than 80 runners shuffled up n dealt. Got good table consisting of Stumpy, KQ4EVA, Gaz Walker so the crack was great and I went to the game with full intention of trying to build a stack early and proceeded to raise nearly every other hand which resulted in me losing my stack within a few orbits. Bit unlucky tbh in alot of the hands especially I hand I had opened with JQ to find one caller. AJ rag flop saw my bet called and anutha Jack on the turn saw my bet raised and my shove called with him holding KJ.
Decided as it was so early to take the re entry new rule and was sat back at the same seat & table. Played this stack slower and was grinding nicely and got to the break around average. Big chance to get good stack when shortish stack ships early position to find a flat call and I ship AK from the BB. The flat caller makes it up and its JJ v 55 & my AK. Big feeling the pot was mind tbh and when the K hit the turn I thought I was home for sure but dealer kindly put a Jack on the river and the bigger slice of the pot slipped away. I was basically in shove poker positon now and waiting for a hand to do it with. Few raised openers get through and I raise again with 77 to find Teeside lad 2 around from me re raise me all in giving me the big speech stuff and for some reason I didnt think he was that convincing and that he didnt really want the call. I call and he flips over QQ n no saviour 7 for me. WPGGUL.
Enjoyed the game tbh and had some great crack and convo with new Dobba Andy "KQ4EVA" Blair who has been in great form and run good of late and he went on to chop it 2 ways at 4.30am for over £1200 each, WP that man

Games coming up soon see me playing my 1st Poker Stars UKIPT at DTD Nottingham on day1a Friday 12th February with Xenocode & Stumpy then the squad of Dobbas are playing the Carguard Cup Teamgame at the G Casino on the 19th which Im sure all are looking forward to as we go about seeking revenge on the Walker Sensation squad. Bring it on .........................

Till then keep enjoying it


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