3rd week and going strong

3rd week into the better living and loss of 3lbs which is bang on taget for what Scott wants and I actually feel 100% better already. Feel stronger and more alert and all in all its even getting easier the exercise. Not missing any of the junk but must admit to sneaking one Ferro Roche per night from Xmas left overs after my dinner.

Play the G on Friday which wakes up everyone for the great value its offering of £1000 added and nearly 100 runners show up. Good table and going well with steady add to stack when pick up KK. Raise into Janmie Dales BB and he ships in for about 4k left and Im up against QQ. Flop comes the lovely Q 10 10 for a fml feeling and another 10 on the turn to rub it in but wait.................. weeeeeeeeeeeeee anutha 10 on the river and the pot comes my way. Was raising alot of hands and getting alot of re ships through but played this tactic once too many when re shipping with 99 from my BB and guy had KK. Nature of the game and need for chips in this one so sat at a very strong looking 25/50 cash table after busting out which had alot of NPF regs on but the crack was great and played virtually every pot and within a couple of hours left with £250 from my £50 sit down.

Tuesday I take in the £2k gtd at Circus and get off to good start making flush to take decent pot but then guy who had not played a hand raises utg and I make the call from my BB which flops me up n down. I lead out to be flat called and make straight with 7 on the turn. My pot sized bet is called but J river makes it an awful board but I still lead out to be flat called for guy to show Q 10 for top end to my bot end. Cudda been worse but given tilt button when I raise KK to be shipped on by BB shoving 100bbs in with 10 10. 1st card out is 10 and my stack is wrecked. Same guy is raised to 400 from the button on the next orbit and he shoves 200 bbs in showing AK. I raise 10 10 to be flatted by button but low stacked BB shoves so I re ship and button folds JJ. Im up against Ace 10 and flop comes Ace (case Ace) Jack and I lose most of what I have left. Finally ship button with 8d7d to unopened pot and get call from the BB with AQ. Flop up n down n even make flush draw on turn yet miss the pack and go out reasonably early.

Tomorrow sees me travelling down to DTD Notts for the Poker Stars UKIPT leg with Stumpy, Xenocode and new Dobba and man in form Andy "KQ4EVA" Run good juice please cos Im deffo due some and be nice game to get it in.

One time is the call!!!!!!