Sky Poker Newcastle

Alreet Stumpy here,

skypoker aspers newcastle

Qualified online for this last year its a bit of a crapshoot so tryed to make things happen but no joy also made two bad calls which left me short eventually went allin with AQ and called by KK no ace and i hit the cash tables,soon to be joined by mrs stumpy and big stumpy and teamdobb,bigstumpy headed home while kaz and teamdobb and i went down to stowell street for a chinese had a couple of bottles of wine with the meal and arrived back at aspers and played cash and the £30 f/o. played well and got upto 14k when i raised the button with aq called by deltabravo flop was aaj and eventually all the chips go in and judy has aj siiiiik mrs stumpy went on to come 9th for £85.played 1-2 dealers choice and won a few quid on there but cant remember much about it as we were on are 7th bottle of wine by then!!So overall a great day no luck in the mtts but won at cash and we had a good laugh but my god im paying for it today so ill.

Well done to ridla and gazscoop and racheal costa for making the sky ft wpwp

Online im tryin to play 100 45mans a week with a few mtts thrown in did ok in 45s but no cashes in the mtts stats this week are

mtts played 11 no cashes -$183

sngos played 97 ave profit $5 ave stake $17 ave roi 31% total prof $523

Also been betting in running on the horses on betfair put $100 in this year current roll $520 so going good but not sure if i can keep this up but going to give it a shot.

keep on smiling stumpy


TEAMDOBB said...

omg omg so wrecked but nee point in wine ing about it!!!!!

stumpy said...

please dont mention wine

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

As you know i luv a glass of vino.....but 8 bottles!! you sicko's