Inspired by a Tradesman!!!

Into the New Year 2011 and like most blogs they are full of what has happened previous years and what their goals are for the New Year. One thing for sure is I certainly had no idea of what Im about to embark on until a post was put up on the NPF from one of its well known members Mark "The Threat" Trett who was asking if anyone had the name of a plasterer as he wanted to turn his garage into a gym as he embarked on a new approach to getting fit and controlling his weight after successfully quitting smoking.
Tradesman Wanted thread

From that thread a full subject circle occured as it normally does on the NPF and the thread changed into a get fit advice thread with some absolutely fascinating and interesting educational stuff being put on by members especially Eddie " Looseman " Constable ( my accountant). My son has been doing alot of work in putting ON weight and building himself up and like anything he does he puts alot of research and work into it and after installing a power rack into our garage he set about a programme to increase his build which is working perfectly.

Im the opposite and although I feel Im in OK shape for my age (54) Im suffering from what alot of people my age do in that ive got a chubby belly and am slightly overweight. Why? simply because Im eating the wrong foods and basically being a lazy slob.

It simply has to stop and from the inspiration gained from numerous members at the NPF here I go and from Monday 10th January 2011 my diet and food I eat has dramatically changed and Scott has gave me a fitness programme to work to which mainly builds muscle back to where it has have gone and its all based on squat work.

Most people have created their own threads at the NPF but I have decided to do mine via our blog and hope to keep everyone up to date on a 2 week or maybe 4 week basis

Good thing I have found about the NPF connection is that I think you will find each person who has embarked on a new healthy regime will inspire each other and add something to others that maybe would not have happened. I think it will also make you not give up so easy as so so many do. Heres hoping I can achieve my goals which is basically to lose my belly, get back into decent shape and to enjoy the foods I eat which will hopefully make me feel so much better within myself. Wish me luck I certainly need it

Height = 5 ft 10 inches
Present weight = 216 lbs
Body fat - 25%
waist - 42"
chest - 41"
bicep - 12.5"
thigh - 21.25"

Front View

Side View


The Master Plan


xeno said...

5ft 10" you sure , ya shrink as ya get older ya na. good luck