2010 review

Alreet Stumpy here,

Played last too live games just before Xmas £30 f/o at Circus went out with set of 3s to Apokerlypse set of tens then the £30 f/o at Aspers and I finished 3rd for £150and Mrs stumpy was 4th for £120.

Online has been awful the last 6 weeks, sngos just getting hammered doesnt matter what they are callin with they are hitting and mtts im getting deep every night but losing the key hands near the fts.

Looking back at last year pokerwise live was very happy with my results only never kept a record so this year mrs stumpy and i will write down every live mtt or cash games results and keep running total on here, i used to write everything down but when they prizes dropped from the good old days of 5k pots everynite i gave up, ive still got my book from my 1st two years at aspers the 1st year i was 18k up ahh the good old days haha.

Online was going ok about 9k up 6 weeks a go but after the downswing ive finished only 6.5k up which is well short of last years 14k

Poker goals for 2011

1,Keep working on improving my mtt play.

2,play 4k sngos 45 mans and 9 mans

3,Play more bigger games live as the small amount ive played i have 5 fts

4,Try to help mrs stumpy improve her game(done amazing upto now playing 2 years and made a profit both years) needs to take the next step

5,Win the apat team game for the npf

6,keep enjoying poker.

life goals

1,lose weight (getting another knee op on the 3rd of feb so hopefully get back to full fitness which will make it easier to lose weight)

2,keep enjoying life to the max


TEAMDOBB said...

Im sure youll achieve whatever you targets you set yourself

gl for 2011