The Fish swimming the DTD Deepstack

Alright, its fatfish here with me first ever attempt at typing more than one sentence.

DTD deepstack at the weekend, turned up nice and early with the missus cos she wanted to bust out of the early satellite after about 5 hands. The day got off to a horrendous start when I was informed there was no bulmers. I was busy assembling my portable megaphone I use for shouty occasions such as these when my day was brightened by the arrival of Milo with THE greatest blazer Ive ever seen. It can only be described as on old school blazer with a flourish of camp, the type of ensemble that only Milo can pull off, a simply awesome display by the young man.

The tourney itself got off to a good start, got up to about 15,000 by the end of level one then then this happened. Blinds 50/100, I raised to 225 from UTG with 88. Flatted by a pipe then the cutoff made it 850. Decided to setmine cos the cutoff seemed the type who would go broke with his AA. Pipe calls as well. Flop 8-3-2, 2 spades. I lead for 800, pipe calls, cutoff makes it 4,000 so i just jam and get called by both. AA for cutoff 4s-3s for pipe and I fade the lot to go to about 35k. Table breaks soon after and I get moved to a much tougher table, Michelle Bennett, who eventually got 5th had about 80k and a hyper aggro with about 70k. Lost about 10k with 10-10 v A-J aipf and about the same with A-K v 7-7. Then the most awesome hand in the world happened. UTG limped and aggro-man made it 4k. I was pretty sure this was a steal or an isolation raise so i pushed with 8-8, got snapped off by both with K-K and Q-Q but it was fine cos I felt a run-good coming on. I will admit to feeling slight concern when the door card on the flop was a K but relaxed again when I noticed an 8 was there was well. Turn give me the quads and the dealer, obviously thoroughly enjoying his moment of glory, stuck a Q on the river just to be completely awesome. My instincts kicked in and I involuntarily shouted SPOOOOONDOGGG and everyone looked at me like I was retarded but I didnt mind because I had quads. So, up to over 70k. Just in case anyone thinks I may have got slightly lucky there there was an even more disgusting hand about 10 mins later. Sb raises, bb repops, sb calls. Flop 9-7-7, sb checks, bb shoves with Q-9, sb snaps with 7-7, probably thinking he was ahead. Board finally runs out 9-7-7-9-9. Awesome.

Got on a bit of a roll after that, picking up a decent pot 4betting k-6 and got a guy to fold QQ with A-10 on a 10 high board after he checkraised me and went into the next break with about 90k. Table broke soon after that. Not too long onto the new table and I picked up AA early position and got called from the sb. Dealer exposed the 7c when she was dealing which should have been the burn but she burned again and turned over a flop of 9s-5d-Kd. The table has a heart attack and the floor is called. Floor decides the 9h is to be replaced by the Qs. A big argument erupts so he changes his mind, puts the 9s back in and takes the 5d out. More arguments then he makes his final decision to replace the Kd with the Qs so the flop is now 9s-Qs-5d. I ask for a reshuffle and get denied and the sb says the change made no difference to his hand so on we go. He overbets the pot so I put him all in and he calls with Js-10s. Now Im not a particularly mathsy player but I reckon the change in flop may have affected his hand slightly, in that it gave him 50000 outs instead of just a gutshot. I didnt see the turn and river being dealt as I was busy assembling my megaphone for the forthcoming rant of all rants but apparently I won as they gave me the chips so I just went to the bar instead.

Cant remember too many details af hands after that cos I was quite pissed but I won a 40 odd k pot setmining with 44 v AQ and a decent one with 22 but I cant remember the board. Finished up the day with 150k then went to roulette rail Jamie Giles and it was a good end to the day watching his reverse heater spiral. Day 2 started with having some sick in the DTD toilets then back to the bar to sort meself out. I think the blinds were 1-2 at the start of day 2. Anyway, raised utg to 4,100 with Ah-8h, bb shoves for 26k, i call, he has KJ and I turn the flush to take me over 200k. A few hands later raise with A9, bb shoves for about 55k, I call and he had 6-5 and hits the 6 to knock me back down again. Stack goes back up to over 200k over a few hours play when a guy wiith 270k gets moved to the table. Played a couple of interesting pots with him after he asked if that was my real hair. Raised from early with 22 and he calls from the bb. Flop Q-10-4 and he instachecks which I took as a sign he wanted to c/r me so I checked behind. Board paired the 10 and he leads out. I wasnt sure what was going on so I raised, hoping he would check to me on the river if he did make the call, which he did. River 3, and 22s are good as his KJ misses. Soon after I raise with Ah-2h from utg+1 and he makes the call drom the sb. Flop q-8-2, he checks, I bet, he calls. Turn is the 3h giving me the flush draw and he check calls again. River is an offsuit 4 and Ive decide he has a medium pair that hes definately not folding so we both check and he tables A-J off to take me to about 300k.

Went completely card dead as we approached the bubble so I was trying to keep even by nicking, more of which were getting re-popped than were getting through. The bubble bursts and people start flying out and we get the arrival of one of the worst players Ive ever played against at the table. I proceed to blow about 100k to him in about 30 mins as he completely outplays me. Blinds 4k-8k-1k and his limp on the button with 10-4 threw me when he rivered a flush. Another limp from him and Im in the bb with K-4. The board run outt J-J-10-6-2 and is checked down until he bets 2x the pot on the river. I couldnt work out what he might have as he didnt seem like the type who could check down a J and the way he bet on the river just looked phsically weird. 2x the pot couldnt even be a value bet with A high as your only getting called if your beat so I make the call and he tables A high. Another awesome read by me. He wins another big chunk off me when I button raise with 10-4 and he makes the call. Flop K-10-8 and he check calls. Turn J and I mess up by not betting. River Q and he overbets the pot and I lay it down, satisfied in the knowledge I played it wrong on every street.

Continue to struggle and I nit it up as we get closer to the FT, partly because Im not getting much through and partly because of Mrs.Fatfish' "pep talk" to me at the break. "mind, if you do a Brennan Blowout (copyright 2010 Gaz Walker) you're walking home." So, I make it to the FT with about 150k. Blinds 6-k-12k-1.5k, I go a couple of rounds doing nothing then get 3 shoves through, 99, K9 and Kc-Jc. I figure I still have some play as I can raise to 25k and probably still get away as I have over 200k and I was pretty confident if i could get a double up I might get a decent cash as apart from Paul Zimmler, Michelle Bennett and a welsh guy, everyone else looked capable of a Brennan Blowout themselves. A guy with pointy glasses who had went from 700k to 250k in the space of 1 level tilt shoves from the cutoff and ive got the 88 in the bb that have been so good to me all tourney. I make the call, he tables A-4 and hits an incredible amount of aces on the flop and im done in 8th place. Dissapointed to go out but I knew I had got very lucky earlier with the quads and without that I wouldnt have been anywhere near the FT so the megaphone stayed unnasembled.

Thats about it, I didnt know I would be writing about this until DC suggested it on the forum so sorry for the lack of hand details, I can only remember the ones that stick out. If I do another one I'll stick some notes down. Cheers people.


mulhuzz said...

nice job sir!


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

nice 1st post Brennan,welcome to the dobbas;more mega phone references and less hand history please :0)

TEAMDOBB said...

great 1st post........ yid think youd been doing it for ever!!!!

Cliches and quotes FTW!!!!

stumpy said...

awesome read so funny