Bolton bound !!!

Alreet Stumpy here,

Well Ive had my knee op got a late cancelation 2 weeks ago seemed to go well but still sore and havent done much with it yet as Ive had the flu since last Friday so since the last blog Ive only played live twice friday night at circus and finished about 22nd when my 33 v 74suiteds AK he hit flush on the river then I played the Aspers £50 game and I played great and got upto 36k when the ave was 12k then i doubled up the shorties with k9 v a4 then kq v 99 and im down to 20k with about 20 left out of 77 runners the tourney av is 10 bigs and im pleased to see gary has made it 30 min blinds which shud make a big difference and stop the shove fest near the end i went out 14th shoving kj into jj which I was gutted as played some great poker.

Online after the 1st week of this year when i had a decent week its back to the terrible beats i was getting last 6 weeks of last year,dont mind losing but when it makes no sense why they are in the hand it tilts me no end.So bad knee,bad beats no live poker,ive been a total pain in the arse,only bright news is ive been winning at the horses betting in running at betfair but will do full monthly review with all the stats at end of month which will not be good reading.

So its off to Bolton for the APAT team champs and Mrs Stumpy has been drafted in as a late reserve and shes so excited so hopefully things will go well and the NPF will be the champions come Sunday night.

On a brighter note Spoona and Samj who I have tried to help over the last year or so both have won online mtts spoona gave up for awhile then came back and won about 2kish then samj won 12kish in double g week on tilt good timing samj and the future looks good for them if they dont let it go to there heads and keep learning which im sure they will.

keep on smiling Stumpy