Toon to Vegas to Toon

Aint blogged for couple of weeks so thought better put a few lines down as to what Ive been doing.
Went out to Vegas with the family to celebrate Scotts 21st birthday. Had booked good deal into The Palazzo and what a hotel that place is. Its only been open a couple of years and its basically an extention to The Venetian Hotel Complex. Pure luxury & quality to be honest and at $90 per room per night thatll do for me. By far the best hotel Ive ever been in anywhere in the world and it shows at those prices how even Vegas is being badly effected by the global credit crunch.
Overall at the time we were there the tournaments available were shocking tbh with very little choice apart from the normal Vegas crapshoots wanting you in and out as soon as possible. Wynns had some what they called Deep Stacks on but the structures were awful and as such the best games by a preverbial mile was in The Venetian which to be honest is the best cardroom by a mile to play anyway.
Played 5 tournies with no success not getting any further than 14th from average fields of 100/130 and apart from one in which I donked off bad mid way I simply had horrible cards and no enjoyment at simply sitting there grinding away with shite. Had a decent cash session for a few hundred the 2nd day but lost it back the next night and then finally on the last night I found the cash tables of Planet Hollywood and believe me if I can win at cash then anyone can.
Sat down with max $200 at $1/$2 at what I can only describe a very interesting table. It consisted of Drunken American maniac seat 1, american weekend student visitor looking for chicks seat 2, me seat 3, London Bus Driver seat 4, nervous american seat 5, american local tramp sitting with $40 who shipped or folded seat 6, mexican evil looking bloke seat 7 who was apparently in Vegas studying mathematics, Typical cardroom shark I nicknamed "Jaws" in seat 8 obviously with eyes on seat 1 money, London bus driver No 2 and friend of seat 4 sitting seat 9, and finally seat 10 the London bus driver number 3 who was wife of seat 4 and friend of seat 9.
Basically the game consisted of maniac in seat 1 raising with anything and the "Shark" and Mexican mathematician trying to snare him with monstas. London bus driver in seat 9 kept losing $100 every orbit and went across to another of his mates at another table to re load with a credit tab. Seat 10 the female bus driver always thought 3rd pair was good and seat 4 bus driver only played AA KK or AK.
Basically the Mexican and local shark were there to catch the maniac but alas all his stack came mine way in this hand. He had been hitting incredible hands with shite and was obvioulsy frustrating the lurking sharks with his play. I limp position 2 with JsQs and 4 others join in to maniacs BB who makes it the standard $15 to play. I call plus one other and we see the flop of QQ8. Maniac checks and I decide to lead for $15 to fold by Shark and maniac calls. Turn is the magic J and maniac now leads for $25 which I flat call. River brings 3 and a few seconds later he utters those beautiful words of " ALL IN" I paused for like 2 seconds then asked, " excuse me dealer did he announce all in ? " to which the dealer politely said " yes Sir he most certainly did" to which I announce "I CALL"
He seemed very proud as he slams Q6 on the table but my tabled QJ seemed to put him in an alcoholic state of shock as all his chips were pushed across to me. At this point the shark racked his chips up giving me a slight pat on the back as he left and the maniac guy simply sat in his seat for at least another 10 minutes. Hung around for a few more orbits before leaving with very nice $600 profit.
Gets outside and decide to walk back to hotel when coming towards me is a rather trampish looking black girl who asks "where you going honey" Last night for me and I answer " Im going home honey" to which she replies "take me home with ya honey" ermmm no thanks cos I dont think her honey would be of the sweetest type tbh.
Overall I found Vegas very different to the WSOP time I normally visit but its still an amazing place anytime of the year. Last day we found an amazing eating place in the Palazzo called the Gran Lux cafe. Anyone going there must make this a place to eat. Amazing place with amazing food with amazing service at very very reasonable prices.
Im sure Scott enjoyed it and Im sure it wont be his last visit.
Journey back was rather spoilt by awful seats with the seats infront of us pushed back to give us no room whatsoever and very uncomfortable. Must start treating myself like Mr Oranges does and start travelling in "legroom" class

Played a couple local tournies on weekend I got back and went deep in both before losing a 60/40 in one and then going out to a one outer in the other.
Was supposed to be travelling to Liverpool at weekend for the Coral Masters at Leos but work commitments changed that but was great to see fellow blogger Steve Holden take that down and I followed most of it on live stream. Nice to see him have a success from whats obviously been a very tough year from him reading between the lines on his blog.
I had a fun night at the Grosvenor on Friday despite being very tired made purely by the cash table we had late on as featured by Cowheads previous post.

This week Ill probs play Circus Tuesday and then take in the Aspers monthly £75 Deep stack on Saturday.
till then toodle ooooooo


roscopiko said...

weeeeeeee QJ you know its the nuts!!

TEAMDOBB said...

of course, was thinking of YOU as he passed me the chips!!!!