Close but no cigar

After winning the national league I thought I would have another pop at it , the only problem being it was not very good timing( 6 weeks hols).
Anyway although I did not play as often I as would have liked I put in a decent performance and managed to secure 2nd place(whoop).Had it not been for an un-timely shit run in my last 7 torny,s I may well of won but thats just the way variance runs , so overall I was quite chuffed with my finishing position.
Been a tough year so far but I am looking forward to the run in as I have a few very good poker torny,s coming up, playing the GUKPT Grand final and the Champion of Champions , and Im thinking of playing the main events at Blackpool and Thanet although the latter may well prove to be to much travelling.,
Anyway got to sort time off from work first which is always difficult,, ohhh yeah and I got to defend the NPF championships which should be another great game.
Overall even if i don,t cash I just hope I play well , enjoy the games and gain some great experience.
At the moment Im thinking of some sort of challenge for next year on stars , the problem I have is that it would mean stopping playing on my regular site where I get 35% rakeback, so Im busy doing some calculations to see if its worth while or not.
Anyway see you all soon on the felt.


CanOnlyGetBetter (acesnext) said...

Challenge eh ?
What boku87 style ?

now that would be good :)

PS, best ov luck in ya up and coming biggies

xenocode said...

LOL wish i could do a boku challenge , think you have to love poker and money to even think about that sort of challenge, im just getting a bit bored of grinding the same games so some sort of personal challenge gets you focused on a goal rather than grinding monies, don,t think i can play enough though which is the stumbling block.