Stumpy is my hero

Hello everyone its been a while since I posted but I needed inspiration and short of wanting to kill a few students who have been in my taxi nothing else has really got the blood circulating as of late.
I have been reading Stumpys blogs and have been impressed with his methodical and relentless build up of his bankroll on Full Tilt and after telling Dave 'Teamdobbs' Collins that i was pretty much bored shitless of live poker at the minute I deposited £25 ordered a curry and a bottle of wine and logged on to Full Tilt.
As soon as I got on I went to the find a player option clicked on Stumpys username and found him playing the $24 freezeout with $25k guaranteed,Why not I thought and with a double up very first hand AA I was focused and ready for the usual 8 hour slog for $60 that I hear a lot about on Stars and Full Tilt.
I hate to bore people with the details so I will fast forward to the Final Table where I had 160,000 and the next lowest was 300,000 so 9th was looking favourite,I got to admit I felt like an extra in Trumpton as it was Spew,Spew,Fishy Mcgrew,Cuthbert,Dribble and Donk :)
3 left soon became 2 as the big stack insured I was getting at least $4k as he bust yet another to give himself a 6 to 1 chip lead,I offered him a deal but he refused!
After about 30 minutes of chipping away I was nearly level,15 minutes later and I have the big stack and then I pick up KK and just check call to the river when he pushes his last into a low board with the very unlucky QQ
1st prize $7k and its dance around the bedroom time till I stump my toe weeeeeeeeeee :)
Right there's another tourny starting on Full Tilt in 2 minutes so laterz all weeeeeeeeeee:)



TEAMDOBB said...

weeeeeeeeeeeee hope the toe gets better quick

mag1892 said...

well played m8.:)

cowhead72 said...

Nice one Dave,, nice to meet you last night too.

stumpy said...

weeeeee never been anyones hero b4 nice scoop dave keep it up