live poker is fixed

alreet stumpy here ,

Played Circus last Tuesday £30 f/o exactly 50 runners so £500 added, great value game from Circus who have great cardroom staff and always looking too improve the cardroom nice one keep it up.
Theres always a big debate about online poker being fixed but when you see what happens live due too a mixture of bad or new players playing I would say live poker is fixed!
Just a few of the hands that I seen on Tuesday on a flop of 755 We have 3 all ins the hands were 77,1010, ak turn was a 10 rvr 7.
Next one 5 limpers when blinds 150/300 Im bb with AK make it 2.5k Get 2 callers! flop 256 rainbow bet 5k 1st limper folds next guy who has only 1100 left says I call I have the straight!!!yup he called 2.5k raise with 1100 left with 34o WP Sir.
34 guy limps in again think hes called Jelly Baby Malcolm!!! Andrizu is allin with AA for 12k Jerlly Baby man has got too call ob as he has 2 cards and they are Q 10 flop 10 10 10 lol Andrizus face was like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle for a good 20mins.
Next one Scotty pushes allin ss with 87o Steve" the crush push "Sensation calls with AA. flop blank turn 8 rvr 7 I tell ya live poker is fixed.
Finished 8th after grinding a small stack to the final table for £80.
Since Ive been on the sick I thought Id try to improve my online mtt game watched about 5 training vids courtesy of Cowhead cheers mate.
Also read winningpoker tournaments one hand at a time. So decided too play mtts for 1 week starting Wednesday putting into practice what id learnt and wow cant believe the results Ive had. In 4 days so far Ive played 21mtts buyins $484 had 6 cashes =$4,943
So is this just a hot streak or is it the things Ive added too my game?
Hope its the latter. So my $600 starting roll on Full Tilt from Jan 4th is now standing at $10,540

keep smiling stumpy.


xenocode said...

any chance of borrowing ya book , winning torny,s 1 hand at a time m8

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

well done m8 i think i will give this internet poker a try :)

online casinos said...'s worth a try.