Run Gooooood

Alreet Stumpy here,

This game never ceases to amaze, after running bad in january but playing really well, I won the genting friday £50 f/o it is now unlimited re-entry and its a good job as my 1st bullet i played shite then i re-entered and basicly nitted it up until 3 tables out ( 77 entries ) Then i got about 12 shoves thro when short stacked until i got my dup just b4 the ft.I went to the ft with 24k i make a couple of good folds and get lucky in a couple of spots and tid for £925 +£ 200 added seat for gentings newcastle championships on 24th of march.It was a great night with samj,junior bomber, bgr1 and scoop hitting the 2 for a fiver japenese beer which is called itchyfanny, well thats what it looks like its called to me .

Then on the monday night i take down the $50 f/o on willy hill for 2.5k.When we on the ft bubble i was on the bttn with 107 and the small blind was the tightest player on earth nd the bb was sitting out so i just shoved and the sb tank called with 88 1st card 10 and i double up.Then i ladder the ft well until 3 left and from then on i pissed it weeeeeeee

After these couple of wins mrs stumpy and i decide to go down to leeds for the gala £100 +£50 addon game we travel down on the friday and enjoy a nice chinese meal with ridla who was great company and a really nice lad ( well i thought so till he he give this woman on my table some horrible abuse lol ) we then headed over to play there friday night game joined by the beautiful racheal costa who has just got a engineering job in manchester.Good luck with job and the flathunting.

Its a £20 £20 £20 game 75 runners and i didnt even make the 1st break
1st bullet 1010 v kj aipf
2nd bullet 76 flopped 1 pair and f/d v ak he hits a on turn and holds
3rd bullet shoved btn a4 sb has 99

I make a nice £360 profit in a very juicy £2+£2 plo cash game i then head back and rail mrs stumpy who has made ft in the tourney eventually finishing 6th for £210

We head back to the ibis hotel which is like an 18s-30 holiday with a group of girls in the next room partying hard eventually getting to sleep only to be woken at 5am by some monkey running down the corridor banging on everyones door,cheers mate.The next day we meet up with samj,bomber,buzz,ridla and dean robinson whos living down ther at the moment and enjoy an excellent buffet.

£100 + £50 addon 109 runners.

I get a good first table but things go bad right from the start 10k s/s with 10k addon and a 40min clock so plenty of play

9d7d- raise 3 callers flop 10d9c3d c-bet and called in 1 spot turn 2d c-bet and called river brick and he leads 2k i call and he tables kd4d

jd9d- raised 2 callers flop 993 i c-bet and called in 2 spots turn 4 the sb leads out 1500 i call other folds river is a j and sb chks which confused me a little but ch behind and he tables a9.

qq- raise 2 callers flop qj10 c-bet and called turn 10 c-bet and called rvr a and i shove my last 4k but he folds.

ackc -woman limps aggro kid iso raises so i decide to flat and go for the rope a dope flop is a54 r and he c-bets i flat woman folds turn 10 he bets i call rvr 5 he bets i call he says air and i tid which gets me back to s/s

I get moved tables and i tread water for the rest of the day until i dup with 77 v aq aipf and make day 2 with 49k.Myself, Cameltoe & teamdobb had backed samj and he ended off bluffing 97k off just before the end of day 1 sigh.

DAY 2 -

Newcastle had 7 return for day 2 racheal,gladys,hazel,mrs stumpy,chinese alan,and latif with 27 left and 11 payed When there was 13 left they decided to pay 2 bubbles of £150 i rase 44 from the cutoff and called by bb flop 7c5c2d i c-bet but bb shoves i decide to fold as at best he has 2 overs with f/d.I ship blind 2 hands later as i was inthe blinds next and didnt want to go to low but i get called by ak, and gladys gambled her last 16k with 76 i have q2 flop qa2 xx weeeeeeee

I get to ft where the 2 big cls decide to get it allin with 66 v kq and i then dup aa v kk against latif who goes out shortly after then when there was 7 left we take 1k each and play on for the rest very next hand coff raises and i reshove with 99 he has qq and im out in 7th for 1k.Well done to hazel who finished 5th fot 1.5k.

It was a great weekend with some cracking people and hopefully wil be back soon.

keep on smiling stumpy.


Ridla said...

She deserved it