Jan Review

Alreet Stumpy here,

2011 Player of the month playoff at the G Casino ended off with 9 players who won the monthly most amount of winnings from the tournamnets playing for the 5k live mtt package.
I felt had a great chance in this with my sngo experiance and everything was going to plan when I was siting in 2nd place and just starting to up the aggression when I doubled the shorty up 3 times in 1 orbit but then won a couple of small pots v Hugh Frew who was cl and then I pick up QQ. Hugh raises nd I 3 bet he ships 99 I call and theres half the chips in play in this pot and if I win this I felt confident Icould tid but the ugly 9 on the river killed my hopes of the 5k package.
M Arnott tookit down and he was the shorty I dupped 3 times and he still only had 6k when I left wp sir.

Live Ive ran shit at the key times and had no cashes.Havent played many seshes online but ran just as bad online.
The reason I havent played much is Xenocode,Teamdobb and I have started a little staking and coaching venture. The idea came about when I coached Machine for a day and his winrate shot up and thought theres loads of players on the NPF who are very capeable of winning at sngos with a little bit of coaching and backing as alot dont have the discipline for whatever reason to do it by themselves. So after talking it through with Dave & Gary we put a thread up on the forum and we were unindated with replys. We have 9 started already and hopefully a few more once we get these players settled.Its going ok at the moment but early days so fingers crossed all will crush and make a profit. Alot of hard work by all concerned and good that theres 3 of us to bounce off each other but the mix is good and early signs are its going to be a success provided we keep on top of it and all concerned work hard at what we have set out.

The month was saved by Mrs Stumpy chopping a Tuesday night for £400 and then going onto win the added seat for £200 game. Also Cameltoe chopped a mtt and I got £200 from that in our usual long standing % swop and Craig my son made a small profit when he played live twice.

Played in the CGcup for Northern Lights as Teamdobbs had 11 so I dropped out as I wasnt sure I could get time off work but got the Sunday off at the last minute so played for Mrs Stumpys team who eventualy finished 3rd.
I was out early when Cowhead from Teamdobbs had nutflush v my flush.Well done to Cinderbella and Delta Bravo who both ft for Northern Lights and also to Hetton who romped away with it to tid in style wpwp.

Eventually after alot of promising I actually started my diet and ended 4 ibs down. Be interesting to see if I can maintain the loss at end of next month

live mtts = -£257

live cash = - £100

online mtts= - $968

online cash = - $30

horses = + $140

live staking = + £100

weight = -4Ibs

keep on smiling